In years gone by the phrase ‘Riddle-Me-Ree’ was an invitation in old English to guess the answer to a riddle or puzzle.

The name Riddle-Me-Rye plays on this phrase and harks back to historic times when the pace of life was slower and less frenetic than it is today.

Modern bread manufacturing techniques focus on mass production and speed to market, pumping bread full of additives & yeast such that the longest part of the whole process is actually the 2 hour cooling period when the loaves come out of the oven before they are wrapped for the supermarket shelves.

At Riddle-Me-Rye we revert back to the traditional techniques of bread making, focusing on long fermentation sourdough to unlock the nutrients from the grains and improve the digestibility of the gluten. We use the best organic stoneground wheats and highly nutritious heritage grains as the basis for our daily bread. And of course our favourite grain of them all – rye!