Baking Classes

Learn how to bake bread with a gold-medal winning Artisan Baker!

There is increasing interest in baking bread at home as people become more aware of the provenance of the food they are eating and a growing desire to avoid the additives used to make mass produced industrial bread.  Making bread at home can be a mindful, rewarding activity that helps you unwind from the daily grind, reconnects you with the food on your table and gives you a sense of pride & achievement. Eating bread that you have baked yourself, fresh out of the oven is hard to beat and is a real treat for friends and family!

With so many variables in the baking process it can be tricky for beginners to get consistent results baking at home, but with a little help and guidance you will be able to make tasty nourishing bread that is better quality than what is generally available in the supermarkets.

Riddle-Me-Rye is initially offering two introductory classes, with more to follow later. Check out the following pages for details of the classes and dates available:

Bread for Beginners 1 – Simple yeasted breads (1 day class)

Bread for Beginners 2 – Sourdough basics (1.5 day class)

Private tuition – It is possible to arrange private tuition for individuals or small groups on request. Please send a message via the contact page with details of your requirements and we can discuss the options from there.