Bread Club details for Wednesday 10th July

This page displays the selection of goodies available for the week commencing Monday 8th July. Please note that this page is for Bread Club customers only! Orders will need to be placed by 5pm Monday 8th July for delivery to offices/workplaces on Wednesday 10th July.

** Summer sale across many of the stock item lines this week – all of the lines which are currently marked as on sale are reduced to clear, many are at or below cost. **

1/ Pain de Campagne au Rouge d’Ecosse  – This is a variation on our Pain de Campagne for which we won a Silver Medal at the 2018 Scottish Bread Championships. It is a Scottish twist on a French classic using the wonderful Scottish Rouge d’Ecosse heritage wholemeal flour which has been recently rescued from a seed bank and brought back into cultivation – there is more information about this grain on our page on heritage grains. (Large loaf £3.50)(Vegan, dairy-free)

Pain de Campagne au Rouge d'Ecosse
Pain de Campagne au Rouge d’Ecosse

2/ Malted multigrain sourdough – Made with malted wheat flakes, sunflower seeds, malted barley flour, sesame seeds, malted rye grains, pumpkin seeds and linseeds. This loaf is flavoursome and highly nutritious, it is the sourdough equivalent of a granary-style loaf. (Medium loaf £3.50) (Vegan, dairy free)

Malted multigrain sourdough
Malted multigrain sourdough

3/ Sprouted Spelt flour sourdough with soy-soaked toasted sesame seeds – This sourdough is one of our sprouted grains range and recently won a silver medal at the 2019 Scottish Bread Championships. For this loaf we have sprouted some whole spelt grains, dried them out, ground them into flour and used this to make a highly nutritious bread. To compliment the nutty, grassy flavour of the sprouted spelt we have toasted some sesame seeds, soaked them overnight in soy sauce and combined these into the dough creating a wonderful depth of umami flavour. (Medium loaf, £4.00)(Vegan, dairy-free)

Sprouted Spelt flour sourdough with soy-soaked toasted sesame seeds
Sprouted Spelt flour sourdough with soy-soaked toasted sesame seeds

4/ Focaccia – Light bubbly traditional Italian bread made with biga (a portion of pre-fermented flour), focaccia is perfect for tearing, sharing and snacking. This week we will have the following varieties:

  • Cherry tomato (Vegan, dairy-free, £3.00/slice)
  • Olive & Rosemary (Vegan, dairy-free, £3.00/slice)
  • Rosemary & garlic (Vegan, dairy-free, £3.00/slice)

Slices are approximately 6inch x 5inch in size. 

Cherry Tomato Focaccia
Cherry Tomato Focaccia

5/ Northern Irish “Wheaten” soda bread –  this bread is a really traditional daily bread in Northern Ireland, and one that you will find in any cafe, restaurant or public house. Soda bread has many regional variations throughout both Ireland and Scotland but the one thing they all have in common is that the raising agent is baking soda (as opposed to yeast or sourdough) and are nearly always made with buttermilk rather than water. This wholewheat variety works well served with butter, and with a chunk of vintage cheddar cheese or indeed any variety of jam. It is often served simply buttered alongside soup or as the basis for open sandwiches with various toppings.

It has a soft, tender crumb and a delicious aroma & buttery flavour. Please note that it does not have the same keeping qualities as sourdough and is good served fresh for 1-2 days or toasted on day 3. However, it rarely lasts that long! (1lb Tin loaf £3.00)

Wheaten Soda Bread
Wheaten Soda Bread
Wheaten Soda Bread
Wheaten Soda Bread

Also available are the following stock items:

Black & Gold Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oils

  • Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil 500ml (£5.00) *Reduced to £3/bottle*
  • Honey & Mustard dressing 250ml (£3.50)*Reduced to £2.50/bottle*

Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot Chocolate
Ocelot Chocolate
  • Raspberry & Vanilla (£5.00) *Reduced to £4/bar*
  • 75% (£5.00) *Reduced to £4/bar*

Orkney Craft Vinegar

Both of these vinegars are fermented in small batches on Orkney and are probiotic live products.

The Bere Malt vinegar is made using Bere barley which is an ancient form of barley in use on Orkney for millennia. It is aged in oak barrels and has a deep malty, treacle-like flavour.  (250ml bottle, £8.50) *Reduced to £6/bottle*

The Honey and Meadowsweet vinegar is made with pure honey & Orcadian spring water, infused with Meadowsweet. It is aged in chestnut barrels and has a light, delicate, floral/herbal flavour. (250ml bottle, £8.50) *Reduced to £6/bottle*

LoveThatView Tea Towels (£7) – Reduced to £5 each

LoveThatView - Tea Towels
LoveThatView – Tea Towels

LoveThatView ToteBags (£4) – Reduced to £3 each

Love Edinburgh - Tote Bags
Love Edinburgh – Tote Bags

Aye Pickled – Pickles & Ferments 

Aye Pickled - Pickles, kimchi and hot sauce
Aye Pickled – Pickles, kimchi and hot sauce

Pickles (all in 425g jars and £4 each):

  • Bread & Butter pickles – wee cucumbers cured & pickled in a spice blend
  • Thai shallots – pickled with lemongrass & kaffir lime *Reduced to £2/jar*
  • Spicy Beets – golden beetroot pickled with peppercorns, ginger and chilli
  • Hot Roots – root veg in a sweet brine with fresh chilli & coriander seed
  • Pickled Slaw – This pickled version is an amazing alternative to mayo laden coleslaw

Rosevear Tea

Rosevear teas
Rosevear teas

Loose leaf tea varieties available:

  • First Flush Darjeeling – first harvest Darjeeling, floral & complex (100g pouch) (£6.50)
  • Evening Chai – Carob & cocoa kernels flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla (100g pouch) (£6.00)
  • Orange Pistachio Rooibos – Rooibos flavoured with orange, pistachios and pink pepper (100g pouch) (£5.60)
  • Peppermint – Exceedingly aromatic whole peppermint leaves (40g pouch) (£5.00)
  • Nana Mint – Pure Moroccan spearmint (40g pouch) (£3.50)
  • China Gunpowder (organic)  – Refreshing spicy and slightly smoky green tea (100g pouch) (£6.50) *Reduced to £5*
  • Aracha – whole leaf green tea with a deep green colour and bold taste (50g pouch) (£8.00) *Reduced to £6*

Riddle-Me-Rye sourdough starters (established 2009)

  • Sachet of dried wheat sourdough starter (£4.00)
  • Sachet of dried rye sourdough starter (£4.00)

Products made using the following flours:

  • Mungoswells – Strong bread flour (organic)
  • Mungoswells – Strong brown bread flour (organic)
  • Mungoswells – Strong wholemeal flour (organic)
  • Mungoswells – Extra strong bread flour
  • Shipton Mill – Soda Bread Flour (organic)
  • Shipton Mill – Spelt Flour (organic)
  • Shipton Mill – Wholemeal Spelt Flour (organic)
  • Shipton Mill – Wholemeal Rye Flour (organic)

Allergen info:

All sourdough loaves & focaccia contain cereals (gluten)

Multigrain sourdough contains sesame

Sprouted spelt sourdough contains sesame and soya

Wheaten soda bread contains gluten and milk

All products made in an environment where cereals, milk, eggsnuts & sesame are handled. Products cannot be guaranteed to be free from traces of these ingredients.