Terms & Conditions

Bread Club Terms and Conditions

  • Every participating office/workplace must assign a Bread Club Co-ordinator who will act as the contact point with Riddle-Me-Rye.
  • The Bread Club Co-ordinator is responsible for collecting the payments from their colleagues & paying Riddle-Me-Rye.
  • Permission should be sought from facilites management and/or senior management if required.
  • The Bread Club Co-ordinator may nominate a substitute to cover holidays, sickness etc.
  • Payment to Riddle-Me-Rye is for the whole group order amount in a single transaction (cash, card or bank transfer).
  • The Bread Club Co-ordinator will receive a Bread Club Bonus (see below).
  • Orders must be placed by Monday 6pm for delivery Thursday morning.
  • Once an order is submitted and has been confirmed by Riddle-Me-Rye (confirmation email sent) it is considered a committed order which must be paid for in full.
  • Deliveries will be made to the reception areas of participating offices/workplaces unless by prior agreement with Riddle-Me-Rye.
  • No changes can be made to orders after 6pm on Monday.
  • The minimum group order for participation in Bread Club is £30.
  • Allergen information is included at the bottom of the page containing the selection of goods available each week. It is the responsibility of customers to review the allergen information if they have allergies. Specific allergens are listed against each product. However, all products are made in an environment where  glutenmilkeggsmustard, nuts & sesame are handled frequently. Products cannot be guaranteed to be free from traces of these ingredients. If in doubt please contact Riddle-Me-Rye with any allergen-related queries before placing an order.
  • Placement of an order indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Bread Club Bonus

  • The Bread Club Co-ordinator will receive a Bread Club Bonus which they can use as credit towards their own order.
  • Bread Club Bonus is calculated as 10% of the total group order value, to a maximum value of £10. For example – the total group order comes to £65. The co-ordinator will receive a Bread Club Bonus of £6.50 towards their own order only.
  • Bread Club Bonus can only be used as credit towards baked goods, and not the stock items which Riddle-Me-Rye also offers (e.g. jams, pickles, tea towels etc).
  • Unused Bread Club Bonus cannot be carried forward from week to week