Black & Gold

Stop Press! We are delighted to bring you another set of fine local products, available through the Riddle-Me-Rye pre-order service!

Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils
Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils

Let me introduce Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils, grown, harvested and produced on a farm in Stevenson Mains, East Lothian.

Is it just me or is something happening in the world of small local food businesses? There seems to be an explosion in the number of amazing food products being produced on our doorstep and the Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils are a fine example of this.

The plain cold-pressed oil is light, nutty & buttery in flavour, ideal for drizzling on salads or bread and is suitable for all types of cooking, frying and baking. It has a high smoke point and is not diminished by heat. It is full of polyphenols (antioxidants) and rich in Omega-3.

Please have a read of the page I’ve written on Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to find out why you should ditch the sunflower oil and reach for rapeseed oil for all your cooking and frying needs.  It is SO much better for your health.

In addition to the plain cold-pressed oil we also have a stock of the oak smoked chipotle oil which has a beautiful smoky heat, perfect for dipping bread or marinating, as well as the Dijon vinaigrette – perfect for those summer salads.

The cold-pressed oil comes in a 500ml bottle and is priced at £5. The Chipotle oil comes in a 250ml bottle and is priced at £4, while the Dijon vinaigrette also comes in a 250ml bottle and is priced at £3.50.

These are available straight away via the pre-order service.

Aye do love a Pickle!

Delighted to announce that we are now stocking the fabulous range of pickles from Edinburgh producer Aye Pickled who hand make batches of gourmet pickles, slaw and live cultured ferments.

Aye Pickled are regulars at some of the farmers markets in and around Edinburgh. It is fantastic to have the full range of pickles in stock and available to Riddle-Me-Rye customers.

To find out more about the range of pickles read on!

Bread and Butter pickles

These crunchy wee cucumbers are cured for 24 hours before being pickled
in a complex spice blend that leaves them wonderfully sweet and salty.
These are the ultimate snack pickle and taste amazing with a cold beer!
Vegan and Gluten Free.

Thai Shallots

A twist on the traditional pickled onion, with flavours of lemongrass
and kaffir lime, these shallots are deliciously sweet and massively
moreish. Perfect as a snack or in salads and Asian dishes! Vegan and Gluten Free.

Spicy Beets

We’ve pickled slices of sweet golden beetroot with pink and
black peppercorns, ginger and chilli. So, so moreish and
perfect in salads, burgers or on the side of pretty much any dish!

Hot Roots

These root veggies have had a magical makeover in a
sweet brine with tons of fresh chilli and coriander seed.
They’re hot… but not hot-hot. The perfect party pickle!

Pickled Slaw

This pickled version is an amazing alternative to
mayo laden coleslaw. It’s sweet and crunchy and tastes
great with cheese, meat, salad and sandwiches.

The jars are all 425g and priced at £4 each from our pre-order service.

Beer & Charcuterie pairing evening

Hey Folks,

As I’m sure many of you are aware we have participated in a couple of beer and cheese pairing evenings over the last few months, supplying Riddle-Me-Rye sourdough for an event with Stewart Brewing at the Dockside Tap and also more recently for an event at Campervan Brewery.  Well we have some more exciting news along a similar theme, however this time we are supplying our sourdough for a beer & charcuterie pairing evening!

The charcuterie will be supplied by Edinburgh newcomer East Coast Cured. If you haven’t heard of them check out their website and facebook page. They produce outstandingly good Scottish cured meats, salalmis and chorizos and are already making a great name for themselves in foodie circles.

East Coast Cured selection
East Coast Cured selection

They also have the cutest shop on Restalrig Road which is well worth a trip to explore.

East Coast Cured Shop - 3 Restalrig Road
East Coast Cured Shop – 3 Restalrig Road

For this event the East Coast Cured meats will be paired with some fantastic beers from Campervan Brewery and of course some sourdough from ourselves.  I’m really honoured to be involved in this event and inspired to work with other amazing local producers in Edinburgh. It feels like there is so much happening in the artisan food & drink business at the moment – lots of exciting innovations and collaborations going on!

The event will take place at Campervan Brewery taproom (112 Jane Street, Leith) on the 10th May at 7pm and tickets are available via Eventbrite here.

Use the code LOVEBEER at the checkout to receive a £3 discount!


That’s Jammy!

That's Jammy - jams & chutneys
That’s Jammy – jams & chutneys

I am delighted to announce the latest of our strategic partnerships with other local small artisan businesses. I had the pleasure of attending a jam and chutney making class taught by That’s Jammy founder Chelley Campbell back in 2017. From that moment I was a convert to small batch jams and chutneys – they just pack in much more flavour and taste so fresh & vibrant in contrast with what you can find in the supermarkets – for me there is just no comparison. Chelley recently decided to step back from doing the regular circuit of farmer’s markets in Edinburgh so I am very happy to step into the breach and stock some of the That’s Jammy range on the Riddle-Me-Rye stalls so that market goers can still get hold of this superb range of jams and chutneys!

To start with I will be featuring:

chilli jam
red onion and thyme marmalade

raspberry jam with amaretto
spiced rhubarb and strawberry jam
strawberry and prosecco jam

I have some fantastic pairings planned with the Riddle-Me-Rye range of sweet & savoury scones so watch this space for serving suggestions, or better still try out some samples on our stalls!

Wandering, but not lost – popup stall at Campervan Brewery Taproom!!

Campervan Brewery Taproom
Campervan Brewery Taproom

We are excited to announce our first pop-up stall which will be taking place at the Campervan Brewery taproom (Jane Street, Leith) on Saturday 24th February from 2pm!!

From humble beginnings brewing out of owner Paul Gibson’s garage, Campervan Brewery have surfed the wave of the rising craft beer tide and quickly established themselves at the forefront of the Edinburgh brewing scene. Moving into a dedicated premises on Leith’s Jane street in January 2017 and taking on full time brewer Max has allowed Campervan Brewery to expand its capacity and meet the growing thirst for their fantastic & innovative range of craft beers.

Wandering, but not lost
Wandering, but not lost

The icing on the cake was the establishment of a brewery taproom at the Jane Street brewery in Autumn 2017 which has been going from strength-to-strength, providing punters with the opportunity to taste their beers onsite – you really can’t get fresher than that! The taproom with 8 keg lines and a well stocked bottle fridge is open every weekend on Friday evenings, and Saturdays all day from 2pm-9pm.

Riddle-Me-Rye will be popping up at the brewery taproom with a stall for the first time on Saturday 24th February. On the day we will have available a range of our sourdough loaves to take away, plus sweet & savoury baked goodies to eat onsite including our sumptuous savoury scones and a new streetfood range of bangin’ sourdough bialys. Keep an eye out for some collaboration products using the superb Campervan brewery beers!!  We can’t wait!

Collaboration brews & bakes
Collaboration brews & bakes

Don’t you just LoveThatView?

In our mission to collaborate with other local businesses we are thrilled to announce that Riddle-Me-Rye has partnered up with extremely talented local artist Ben Morris and we will now be stocking some of his wonderful Edinburgh-themed merchandise! When he is not sketching Dr Who artwork for the BBC Ben finds time to recreate some of the world’s most recognisable skylines in his unique & iconic style and markets these under his LoveThatView brand. We are big fans of Ben’s work and really happy to be able to lend our support to LoveThatView!

Riddle-Me-Rye now have a stock of tea towels and tote bags, and these will be available from both our stalls (news of which coming very soon!!) and via our pre-order service.

Love Edinburgh Tea Towel (£9 each)
Love Edinburgh Tea Towel (£9 each)
Love Edinburgh Tote Bag (£5 each)
Love Edinburgh Tote Bag (£5 each)

If you would like to add a tea towel or tote bag to your collection/delivery just send me a note with your pre-order!



Here at Riddle-Me-Rye we put a lot of thought into how to make the best sourdough bread that we possibly can. Great bread starts with great ingredients and so I am delighted to announce that we will be using the wonderful range of wheat flours from Mungoswells as the core ingredients in our sourdough bread!

Mungoswells is a farm, maltings and mill located in Drem in East Lothian, around 20 miles east of Edinburgh. The team at Mungoswells grow all of their own wheat on the farm and mill it onsite using a mill that once belonged to the Swiss army! Having a maltings onsite also allows them to produce a wide range of flours including a malted wheat flour, as well as malted barley for brewers and distillers. I had the pleasure of being shown around the facilities on a recent trip to the mill and it truly is a wonder of engineering to behold!

Harvest in full swing at Mungoswells

Unlike commercial wheat flours the bread flour from Mungoswells has small dark flecks of bran throughout. Since the bran contains much of the fibre and mineral content of the wheat grain, the flour from Mungoswells is more nutritious and flavoursome than bread flours you will find on the supermarket shelves.

In starting up Riddle-Me-Rye as a fledgling bakery business it has been central to my values and vision for the company to work with other local small businesses where possible. I believe in supporting the local economy, building strong relationships with suppliers and collaborating with and supporting other small businesses where I can. Sometimes it is not possible to source ingredients locally – unfortunately we are not blessed with a climate that supports the growing of walnuts and dates! However, where we can source great ingredients locally we will do so and since flour is core to bread making it is extremely fortunate to have such an excellent supplier as Mungoswells right here on our doorstep.

Supplies of Mungoswells flour reporting for duty @ Riddle-Me-Rye HQ

For some of our speciality flours (Khorosan, Spelt, Einkorn etc) we will still need to go a little bit further afield to source these, but I will endevour to work with the best organic suppliers I can and keep you posted on where we are sourcing these ingredients (primarily Shipton Mill at present).

This is the first in a series of announcements about strategic partnerships with other local businesses, so keep your eye on the blog for further exciting news to follow shortly!

A dusk view of harvest time over Mungoswells