Sourdough September Competition entries & results

“Sourdough September” Serving Suggestion Competition!

From Dry January to Stoptober to Movember & Decembeard it seems that more and more months are being hijacked in the name of something-or-other!

Well sourdough is no different! The Real Bread Campaign have since 2013 used September as the month to promote sourdough bread and encourage bakeries up and down the land to join in with a range of activities to raise awareness of good sourdough bread. Sourdough September!

Sometimes I find that these kind of monthly hijackings can be a little bit gimmicky… but I thought perhaps we could have a bit of fun with it here at Riddle-Me-Rye!

Sooo… with that in mind I will be launching a competition which will run throughout the month of September!

I get a lot of feedback from customers about the various breads that Riddle-Me-Rye produces and some of that feedback is in relation to how people have used the bread or what they have served with it. Some of these serving suggestions sound absolutely delicious! Sometimes I wish I could have eaten them or even just seen them for myself! Well now perhaps with this competition I will get to see a few of them!

Courgette, feta & mint on Riddler plain sourdough
Courgette, feta & mint on Riddler plain sourdough

Throughout September customers will be invited to send in photos of Riddle-Me-Rye breads being used as an integral component of their delicious meals and snacks. At the end of the month the best photographs will be featured on the website and the top entries will receive prizes!

Credit will be given for:

  • Appropriate food pairings!
  • Delicious-ness!
  • Inventiveness!
  • Artistic merit / food styling & use of backdrops/props! Think instagrammable!

It will be really great to see how some folk are using their Riddle-Me-Rye sourdough and it could be an inspiration for us all!

The Prizes

  1. £15 Riddle-Me-Rye credit & a goodie bag of oils, pickles & jams
  2. £10 Riddle-Me-Rye credit & a choice of any oil, pickle or jam
  3. £5 Riddle-Me-Rye credit
Roast chicken, hummus & rocket on Beetroot, black sesame & coconut sourdough
Roast chicken, hummus & rocket on Beetroot, black sesame & coconut sourdough

How to enter

Simply send in your photos of Riddle-Me-Rye bread in action any time from now until the end of September! You can use any of the following methods:

  • Send an email with photos attached to
  • Post photos directly on the Riddle-Me-Rye Facebook page
  • Tag Riddle-Me-Rye in your Instagram photos

Let’s have a bit of fun with this! I’m really looking forward to seeing what people come up with! Happy snapping!