Lineup for St Patrick’s Day pop-up at Campervan Brewery taproom

Hi Folks,

This week sees Riddle-Me-Rye back at Campervan Brewery taproom with a pop-up stall on St Patricks day (Saturday 17th) from 12noon!

Read on for what we have planned…

The sourdough:

1/ White Sourdough – a straight-up sourdough made with Mungoswells organic white flour. Good for all occasions!

2/ Olive & Rosemary sourdough – classic flavour combination, with a mixture of green & kalamata olives, pumpkin seeds and rosemary.

3/ Walnut sourdough – packed with walnuts and uses toasted walnut flour in the sourdough culture. It has a mauve coloured crumb due to the walnut flour and a deep buttery walnut flavour which works exceptionally well with blue cheeses.

4/ Seeded Khorasan sourdough – Khorasan is an ancient grain with a rich, nutty, buttery flavour. It is more nutritious than modern wheat and is high in protein, fibre, B vitamins and minerals. If that wasn’t enough, we have added a blend of malted wheat flakes, barley flakes, sunflower seeds, millet and oats to this sourdough for extra flavour and bite!

5/ Sourdough Bialys – These delicious chewy savouries are great with beer! They were originally made by Jewish bakers in Bialystok, Poland. On the day we will have several different flavours available, including cheese, onion & chorizo.


6/ Ploughmans scones – made with cheese, pickle & apple

7/ Vintage cheddar, bacon & English mustard scones

8/ Cherry Grenade brownies – made with sour cherries & Campervan Brewery Cherry Grenade beer!

9/ Matcha (Green tea) blondies – since it is St Patricks day we thought something luridly green would be appropriate!

Also available will be stocks of:

That’s Jammy Jams & Chutneys
LoveThatView Tea Towels
LoveThatView ToteBags

All sourdough loaves made with organic flour from Mungoswells, Doves & Shipton Mill.

Allergen info:

All loaves contain gluten
Walnut sourdough contains nuts
Sourdough Bialys contain gluten and milk (depending on variety)
All scones contain gluten, milk & eggs.
Cherry Grenade brownies contain gluten, eggs & milk
Matcha blondies contain gluten, eggs, milk and nuts