Price Review

Hi Folks,

Just to let you know that I’ve undertaken a full price review across our range of sourdough breads, taking into account the costs of production for each and some recent changes to suppliers. When the business started trading back in January the pricing was a bit haphazard and didn’t take a full & accurate account of the cost of all of the ingredients. I also now have the benefit of experience of making the breads on a weekly basis, understanding what is involved and the losses from certain ingredients (e.g. how much weight is lost when roasting beetroot etc.)

I want to keep prices reasonable as far as possible and for that reason strive to keep all of the breads in the range of £3 to £3.75 with the exception of the chocolate breads, which due to their expense to make are sized and priced uniquely. The standard price for the “plain” type loaves going forward will be £3, those with inclusions or speciality flours priced at £3.50 and premium loaves (containing the most expensive ingredients) priced at £3.75.

The review has resulted in a few price increases and a couple of price decreases too.  A number of breads were under-priced given the cost of ingredients used in their production – in particular the beetroot breads and a few of the breads containing nuts & seeds. Conversely we are in the process of switching supplier for our rye flour and this will reduce the cost of our rye breads.

To summarise – the main price changes are as follows:

  • Tourte au Seigle – reduced from £4 to £3.50
  • 100% Dark Rye – reduced from £3.50 to £3
  • Muesli sourdough – increased from £3.50 to £3.75
  • Beetroot, pumpkin seed & cumin – increased from £3.50 to £3.75
  • Beetroot, black sesame & coconut – increased from £3.50 to £3.75
  • Barley grain & ale – increased from £3 to £3.50

The main price clusters are now as follows:

Plain sourdough breads – £3

Riddler plain (house) sourdough; Pain de Campagne; White sourdough; Pain au Levain; Rye sourdough; 100% dark rye sourdough; Buttermilk sourdough

Speciality sourdough breads – £3.50

Barley grain & ale sourdough; Multigrain sourdough; New York Deli Rye sourdough; Five-grain khorasan sourdough; Omega-3 (Flax seed & chia seed) sourdough; Spelt sourdough; Olive & Rosemary sourdough; Roasted Sweet Potato sourdough; Tourte au Seigle; Heritage wholemeal sourdough (e.g. Golden Drop); Pain de Campagne au Rouge d’Ecosse

Premium sourdough breads – £3.75

Miso & Sesame sourdough; Muesli sourdough; Walnut sourdough; Beetroot, Toasted Pumpkin seed & Cumin sourdough; Roasted Beetroot, Black Sesame & Coconut sourdough; Dalradian sourdough

Chocolate sourdough breads – £3 single / £5.50 double

Chocolate, orange and hazelnut sourdough; Chocolate, cherry, almond & coconut sourdough

Any new breads will slot into one of the above categories. I do hope that makes the pricing policy a bit clearer! It is my intention to always have one of the plain sourdough breads on every week to help keep things affordable.