Black & Gold

Stop Press! We are delighted to bring you another set of fine local products, available through the Riddle-Me-Rye pre-order service!

Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils
Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils

Let me introduce Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils, grown, harvested and produced on a farm in Stevenson Mains, East Lothian.

Is it just me or is something happening in the world of small local food businesses? There seems to be an explosion in the number of amazing food products being produced on our doorstep and the Black & Gold cold-pressed rapeseed oils are a fine example of this.

The plain cold-pressed oil is light, nutty & buttery in flavour, ideal for drizzling on salads or bread and is suitable for all types of cooking, frying and baking. It has a high smoke point and is not diminished by heat. It is full of polyphenols (antioxidants) and rich in Omega-3.

Please have a read of the page I’ve written on Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids to find out why you should ditch the sunflower oil and reach for rapeseed oil for all your cooking and frying needs.  It is SO much better for your health.

In addition to the plain cold-pressed oil we also have a stock of the oak smoked chipotle oil which has a beautiful smoky heat, perfect for dipping bread or marinating, as well as the Dijon vinaigrette – perfect for those summer salads.

The cold-pressed oil comes in a 500ml bottle and is priced at £5. The Chipotle oil comes in a 250ml bottle and is priced at £4, while the Dijon vinaigrette also comes in a 250ml bottle and is priced at £3.50.

These are available straight away via the pre-order service.