Here at Riddle-Me-Rye we put a lot of thought into how to make the best sourdough bread that we possibly can. Great bread starts with great ingredients and so I am delighted to announce that we will be using the wonderful range of wheat flours from Mungoswells as the core ingredients in our sourdough bread!

Mungoswells is a farm, maltings and mill located in Drem in East Lothian, around 20 miles east of Edinburgh. The team at Mungoswells grow all of their own wheat on the farm and mill it onsite using a mill that once belonged to the Swiss army! Having a maltings onsite also allows them to produce a wide range of flours including a malted wheat flour, as well as malted barley for brewers and distillers. I had the pleasure of being shown around the facilities on a recent trip to the mill and it truly is a wonder of engineering to behold!

Harvest in full swing at Mungoswells

Unlike commercial wheat flours the bread flour from Mungoswells has small dark flecks of bran throughout. Since the bran contains much of the fibre and mineral content of the wheat grain, the flour from Mungoswells is more nutritious and flavoursome than bread flours you will find on the supermarket shelves.

In starting up Riddle-Me-Rye as a fledgling bakery business it has been central to my values and vision for the company to work with other local small businesses where possible. I believe in supporting the local economy, building strong relationships with suppliers and collaborating with and supporting other small businesses where I can. Sometimes it is not possible to source ingredients locally – unfortunately we are not blessed with a climate that supports the growing of walnuts and dates! However, where we can source great ingredients locally we will do so and since flour is core to bread making it is extremely fortunate to have such an excellent supplier as Mungoswells right here on our doorstep.

Supplies of Mungoswells flour reporting for duty @ Riddle-Me-Rye HQ

For some of our speciality flours (Khorosan, Spelt, Einkorn etc) we will still need to go a little bit further afield to source these, but I will endevour to work with the best organic suppliers I can and keep you posted on where we are sourcing these ingredients (primarily Shipton Mill at present).

This is the first in a series of announcements about strategic partnerships with other local businesses, so keep your eye on the blog for further exciting news to follow shortly!

A dusk view of harvest time over Mungoswells