Pre-order details for Friday 17th January 2020

Hi Folks,

Please see below the pre-order selection for Friday 17th January: 

**Please note that due to reduced capacity it is now only possible to order a maximum of two loaves per customer (one of each variety). If you would like to be notified of any additional spare loaves, should they be available, please tick the box at the bottom of the order form**

**There are two collections slots available 11am – 12noon AND 5pm – 6:30pm**

**Last remaining stocks of Rosevear teas have now been reduced to £3.50 / bag** 

1/ Seeded Farmhouse sourdough*Sold out* this new loaf is made predominantly using Mungoswells organic strong brown bread flour.  Mungoswells make this flour by sifting their wholewheat flour and removing only the coarsest particles of bran. It still contains around 85% of the wholegrain and is perfect for making a sourdough loaf with stacks of flavour. The dough is rolled in a mixture of toasted buckwheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and wheat flakes before baking. (Medium loaf, £3.50)(Vegan, dairy free)

Seeded Farmhouse sourdough
Seeded Farmhouse sourdough

2/ Beetroot, toasted pumpkin seed & cumin sourdough *Sold out* this loaf was a customer favourite at a Beer & Charcuterie pairing evening that we supplied the bread for in Campervan Brewery taproom. It has an earthy, warming flavour which begins with cumin and gives way to a beautiful sweetness from the roasted beetroot. It is delicious spread with hummus and I have also paired it with chilli and carrot and coriander soup. (Medium loaf, £4.00)(Vegan, dairy free)

Roasted beetroot, pumpkin seed & cumin sourdough
Roasted beetroot, pumpkin seed & cumin sourdough

3/ Focaccia – Light bubbly traditional Italian bread made with biga (a portion of pre-fermented flour), focaccia is perfect for tearing, sharing and snacking. This week we will have the following varieties:

  • Cherry tomato & olive (Vegan, dairy-free, £3.00/slice)(pictured below)
  • Garlic & Rosemary (Vegan, dairy-free, £2.50/slice)

Slices are approximately 6inch x 5inch in size. 

Tomato & Olive Focaccia
Tomato & Olive Focaccia

Also available are the following stock items:

Rosevear Tea

Rosevear teas
Rosevear teas

Loose leaf tea varieties available:

  • First Flush Darjeeling – first harvest Darjeeling, floral & complex (100g pouch) (£6.50) *Reduced to £3.50*
  • Evening Chai – Carob & cocoa kernels flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla (100g pouch) (£6.00) *Reduced to £3.50*
  • Orange Pistachio Rooibos – Rooibos flavoured with orange, pistachios and pink pepper (100g pouch) (£5.60) *Reduced to £3.50*
  • Peppermint – Exceedingly aromatic whole peppermint leaves (40g pouch) (£5.00) *Reduced to £3.50*
  • Aracha – whole leaf green tea with a deep green colour and bold taste (50g pouch) (£6.00) *Reduced to £3.50*
  • China Gunpowder (organic)  – Refreshing spicy and slightly smoky green tea (100g pouch) (£5.00) *Reduced to £3.50*

Clearance Section

We have available our last remaining stock of the following items:

  • Love Edinburgh tote bags – £3 (*12 in stock*)

Love Edinburgh - Tote Bags

How to order:

Complete the order form below by 7pm Wednesday (15th Jan) for collection on Friday (17th Jan). Collection from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace, EH8 7EY) will be available between 11am-12noon OR 5pm-6:30pm.

Products made using the following flours:

    • Mungoswells – Strong bread flour (organic)
    • Mungoswells – Strong brown bread flour (organic)
    • Mungoswells – Strong wholemeal flour (organic)
    • Marriages – Very strong Manitoba bread flour
    • Shipton Mill – Italian Ciabatta flour (organic)

Allergen info:

All loaves, focaccia contain cereals (gluten)

  1. All products made in an environment where cereals, nutssesame & soya are handled. Products cannot be guaranteed to be free from traces of these ingredients.