Pre-order details for Saturday 17th February 2018

Hi Folks,

Please find below the pre-order details for this coming week:

Riddler “House Sourdough” – Our signature loaf – made with 80% white wheat flour,  10% wholewheat and 10% whole rye. The wholewheat and rye contribute heaps of flavour and this classic sourdough works really well for all occasions! (medium loaf £2.50)

Riddler - House sourdough
Riddler – House sourdough

Roasted sweet potato, rosemary & parmesan sourdough – This loaf contains chunks of roasted sweet potato as well as sweet potato mash in the dough itself. It is a beautifully balanced loaf with a real depth of flavour, buttery, aromatic and with a slight sweetness from the roasted sweet potato. After shaping it is dressed with sesame seeds which add a final nutty note to the overall flavour. (medium loaf £3.50)

Roasted sweet potato, rosemary & parmesan sourdough
Roasted sweet potato, rosemary & parmesan sourdough

Beetroot, cumin & pumpkin seed sourdough –
This sourdough loaf is wonderfully fragrant and earthy. A versatile loaf which works well with a variety of eastern mediterranean or middle eastern cuisine. I enjoy it with hummus, vintage cheddar or a warming bowl of carrot & coriander soup. (medium loaf £3.50)

Beetroot, cumin & pumpkin seed sourdough
Beetroot, cumin & pumpkin seed sourdough

Tourte au Seigle – A traditional French sourdough loaf containing 73% dark rye flour, it has a beautifully complex flavour which continues to develop as the loaf ages. It keeps exceptionally well. (large loaf £3.50)

Tourte au Seigle
Tourte au Seigle

In the non-sourdough section we will have:

Apple & cinnamon scones (£1 each)

Black sticky gingerbread ( £1.50 per piece)

Message me with pre-orders by 7pm Thursday (15th Feb) for collection/delivery on Saturday (17th Feb). Collection from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace) will be available in two slots between 10.30am-11am AND 3pm-5pm. Deliveries in Edinburgh by arrangement between 11am and 3pm. Deliveries are subject to £6 minimum order.

Please note that I can’t give a precise time for deliveries due to the variable nature of the route so I do encourage people to collect where possible if time is a factor. Once all orders are placed I will share my delivery route & approximate timings.

All sourdough loaves made with organic flour from Mungoswells, Doves & Shipton Mill.

Allergen info:

All loaves contain gluten

Roasted sweet potato sourdough contains sesame

Scones contain gluten, milk & eggs.

Gingerbread contains gluten, milk & eggs.