Pre-order details for Saturday 28th July

Hi Folks,

Please find below the pre-order details for Saturday 28th July:

1/ Spelt sourdough – Spelt is an ancient grain with a nutty, grassy flavour and is thought to be a hybrid of emmer wheat and goat grass. It is rich in dietary fibre, thiamin, copper, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins B2 and B3. (medium loaf £3.50) (Vegan, dairy free)

Spelt sourdough
Spelt sourdough

2/ Beetroot, toasted pumpkin seed & cumin sourdough – this loaf was a customer favourite at a Beer & Charcuterie pairing evening that we supplied the bread for in Campervan Brewery taproom! It has an earthy, warming flavour which begins with cumin and gives way to a beautiful sweetness from the roasted beetroot. It is delicious spread with hummus and I have also paired it with beef chilli and carrot and corainder soup. (Medium loaf, £3.50)(Vegan, dairy free)

Beetroot, toasted pumpkin seed & cumin
Beetroot, toasted pumpkin seed & cumin

3/ Five-grain Khorasan sourdough – This sourdough loaf was a Gold Medal winner and Reserve Champion at the 2018 Scottish Bread Championships!

Khorasan is an ancient grain with a rich, nutty, buttery flavour. It is more nutritious than modern wheat and is high in protein, fibre, B vitamins and minerals, in particular manganese. Some people with an intolerance to modern wheat varieties have found they can digest products made with Khorasan flour more easily. This loaf is supplemented by a five grain blend of malted wheat flakes, barley flakes, sunflower seeds, millet and oats. (Medium loaf, £3.50)(Vegan, dairy-free)

Five-grain khorasan sourdough
Five-grain khorasan sourdough

4/ Plain white sourdough – Our white sourdough is made with 98.5% white flour and 1.5% wholewheat flour. We find that the small addition of wholewheat supercharges our sourdough culture and contributes to the lovely open crumb on this simple white loaf. And since we use 100% organic Mungoswells flour this bread still packs plenty of delicious flavour. Despite being predominantly white flour there is still plenty of vitamins & minerals in it due to the presence of small particles of bran throughout the Mungoswells white flour. (Large loaf, £3.00)(Vegan, dairy-free)

White sourdough
White sourdough

5/ Tourte au Seigle – A traditional French sourdough loaf containing 73% dark rye flour, it has a beautifully complex flavour which continues to develop as the loaf ages. It has a very thick crust with a moist crumb and keeps exceptionally well. Traditionally served sliced thinly, it works very well with smoked salmon, cheese, and charcuterie. (large loaf £4) (Vegan, dairy free)

Tourte au Seigle
Tourte au Seigle

6/ Focaccia – Light bubbly bread made with Italian flour, focaccia is perfect for tearing, sharing and snacking. A good choice for summer picnics & barbecues!

Over the coming months we’ll be producing a range of focaccias with different toppings but for this week we will have the following two varieties:

  • Olive & Rosemary (Vegan, dairy-free)(pictured below) OR
  • Red onion & gruyere

Slices are approximately 6inch x 5inch in size. (Focaccia slice £3.00) **Please specify either Olive & Rosemary OR Red onion & gruyere when ordering**

7/ Apple & cinnamon scones (£1 each) (Vegetarian)

Apple and cinnamon scones
Apple and cinnamon scones

Also available are the following stock items:

Ocelot Chocolate

Ocelot Chocolate
Ocelot Chocolate
  • Raspberry & Vanilla (£6.00)
  • Bee pollen & Mango (£6.00)

Black & Gold Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oils

Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil 500ml (£5.00)
Natural Oak Smoked Chipotle Oil 250ml (£4.00)
Dijon Vinaigrette 250ml (£3.50)

Aye Pickled – Pickle Jars (£4.00 each)

Varieties available (425g jars):

  • Bread & Butter pickles – wee cucumbers cured & pickled in a spice blend
  • Thai shallots – pickled with lemongrass & kaffir lime
  • Spicy Beets – golden beetroot pickled with peppercorns, ginger and chilli
  • Hot Roots – root veg in a sweet brine with fresh chilli & coriander seed

All varieties contain sulphites which are a natural byproduct of the vinegar fermentation.

That’s Jammy Jams & Chutneys (£2.50 each)

Thats Jammy - Jams & Chutneys
Thats Jammy – Jams & Chutneys

Varieties available (100ml jars):

  • Spiced rhubarb and strawberry jam
  • Strawberry and prosecco jam
  • Strawberry & balsamic jam
  • Raspberry & lime jam
  • Ginger & apple chutney
  • Chilli jam

LoveThatView Tea Towels (£9 each)

LoveThatView - Tea Towels
LoveThatView – Tea Towels

LoveThatView ToteBags (£5 each)

Love Edinburgh - Tote Bags
Love Edinburgh – Tote Bags

Riddle-Me-Rye sourdough starters (established 2009)

Sachet of dried wheat sourdough starter (£4.00)
Sachet of dried rye sourdough starter (£4.00)

Complete the order form below by 7pm Thursday (26th July) for collection/delivery on Saturday (28th July). Collection from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace, EH8 7EY) will be available  between 10.00am-11am OR Baba Rista cafe from 9:30am – 4pm. Deliveries in Edinburgh by arrangement between 11am and 2pm. Deliveries are free but subject to a £6 minimum order and available only to postcodes in EH1, EH2, EH3, EH4, EH5, EH6, EH7, EH8 & EH9.

Please note that I can’t give a precise time for deliveries due to the variable nature of the route so I do encourage people to collect where possible if time is a factor. Once all orders are placed I will share my delivery route & approximate timings.

All sourdough loaves made with organic flour from Mungoswells & Shipton Mill.

Focaccia made with Molino Grassi Italian 00 flour.

Allergen info:

All loaves contain cereals (gluten)
Muesli sourdough contains sesame & nuts 
Buttermilk sourdough contains buttermilk (milk)

Focaccia contains cereals (gluten)
Courgette and parmesan focaccia contains milk

Scones contain gluten, eggs & milk

All products made in an environment where  gluten, milk, eggsnuts & sesame are handled. Products cannot be guaranteed to be free from traces of these ingredients.

***The order book for this week is now closed***