Saturday Orders

Riddle-Me-Rye runs a weekly pre-order service, producing a rotating range of sourdough loaves, focaccia, gourmet scones & treats which can be ordered and either collected or delivered to Edinburgh addresses on Saturday mornings / early afternoons. Additionally, Riddle-Me-Rye carries a range of produce from other small artisan producers which can also be added to orders.

How does the Saturday pre-order service work?

Every Monday morning a blog post is published on the website which contains details of the selection of bread and other goodies available to pre-order for the following Saturday (it is a rotating selection each week). Orders must be placed by Thursday evenings (7pm) to ensure enough time to prepare them for Saturday mornings (sourdough production takes time – which is why it’s so good!). Please note that the order book usually sells out before Thursday and therefore may close early.

Customers can place an order by completing the order form at the bottom of the blog post.

Collection / delivery options on Saturdays are as follows:

  1. Orders can be collected from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace, EH8 7EY) between 10am-12noon . Payment by cash / card or bank transfer (in advance).
  2. Orders can be delivered in Edinburgh by arrangement between 12noon and 3pm Saturday. Payment by bank transfer (in advance) or cash/card on delivery. Deliveries are £2, with a £10 minimum order and available only to postcodes in EH1 to EH9.

Please note that I can’t give a precise time for deliveries due to the variable nature of the route so I do encourage people to collect where possible if time is a factor. Once all orders are placed I will share my delivery route & approximate timings.

Current price list:

Item2019 Price
Riddler artisan sourdough (large)£3.00
Pain au Levain (Medium)£3.00
Pain de Campagne (French country sourdough) (large)£3.00
Pain de Campagne au Rouge d'Ecosse (large) **2018 Silver Award Winner**£3.50
Dalradian Sourdough (potato, buttermilk, dulse & oats) (medium) **2018 Silver Award Winner**£4.00
Buttermilk sourdough (medium) **2018 Bronze Award Winner**£3.00
Beetroot, black sesame & coconut sourdough (medium) **2018 Silver Award Winner**£4.00
Beetroot, cumin & pumpkin seed sourdough (medium)£4.00
Beetroot & Sauerkraut sourdough (medium)£4.00
Barley grain & ale sourdough (medium)£3.50
Walnut sourdough (medium)£4.00
Olive & rosemary sourdough (medium)£3.50
Muesli sourdough (medium)£4.00
Malted Multigrain sourdough (medium)£3.50
Roasted sweet potato, rosemary & parmesan sourdough (medium)£3.50
Roasted Butternut Squash, gorgonzola and sage sourdough (medium)£4.00
Miso & sesame sourdough (medium)£4.00
Chia & Flaxseed sourdough (medium)£3.50
Golden Drop Heritage Wholemeal (medium)£3.50
Chocolate, cherry, almond & toasted coconut sourdough (small) **2018 World Bread Awards - Fruit Bread category winner**£3.00
Chocolate orange & hazelnut sourdough (small)£3.00
Wheat, spelt & rye sourdough (medium)£3.50
White sourdough (large) £3.00
Tourte au Seigle (French Rye) (large)£3.50
New York Deli Rye (Medium)£3.50
Vollkornbrot (medium)£3.50
Borodinsky Rye (medium)£3.50
Foreign Extra Rye (medium)£3.50
100% dark rye sourdough (medium)£3.00
Rye & Roasted onion sourdough (medium)£3.50
Rye sourdough (medium)£3.00
Five-grain Khorasan sourdough (medium) **2018 Reserve Champion & Gold Award Winner**£3.50
Three-seed Emmer sourdough (medium)£3.50
Spelt sourdough (medium)£3.50
Einkorn sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted wheat sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted khorasan sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted barley sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted spelt sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sourdough Bialys£2.00-£2.50
Focaccia Slices£3.00
Plain scones£1.50
Lemon & blueberry scones£1.50
Rhubarb & ginger scones£1.50
Cinnamon & Apple scones£1.50
Blueberry & raspberry scones£1.50
Cherry & vanilla scones£1.50
Cherry & almond scones£1.50
Gruyere, roasted shallot & thyme scones£1.50
Feta cheese, garlic & spring onion scones£1.50
Ploughmans scones (cheese, apple & pickle)£1.50
Pesto & chorizo scones£1.50
Vintage cheddar & English mustard scones £1.50
Raspberry & pecan brownies£2.00
Sour cherry brownies£2.00
Matcha blondies£2.00
Black sticky gingerbread£1.50
Lemon & Fruit Teacakes£1.50
Spiced OrangeTeacakes£1.50
Hot cross buns£1.50
Black & Gold Cold-pressed Rapeseed Oil (500ml)£5.00
Black & Gold Natural Oak Smoked Chipotle oil (250ml)£4.00
Black & Gold Dijon Vinaigrette (250ml)£3.50
Black & Gold - Honey & Mustard dressing£3.50
Aye Pickled - Pickles£4.00
Ocelot - Chocolate bars£6.00
Spice Witch - Chutneys£5.00
That's Jammy - jams & chutneys (all varieties)£2.50
Orkney - Craft Vinegars£8.50
Fortitude CoffeesDependent on variety
Rosevear TeasDependent on variety
Lovethatview tea towels£9.00
Lovethatview tote bags£5.00
Dried sourdough starter - wheat£4.00
Dried sourdough starter - rye£4.00