Sourdough September Competition entries & results

Finally I’ve managed to sort through the entries for the Sourdough September Serving Suggestion competition! It has been on my to-do list for waaay too long!

It was great to see so many fantastic and inventive serving suggestion ideas and they have certainly given me food for thought (no pun intended)!

What struck me was the variety of ways in which the Riddle-Me-Rye sourdough gets used on a weekly basis. Some of the loaves are very well travelled, one making it as far as Assisi!  I do love the fact that one of the loaves made it into the wild outdoors to be toasted by a campfire 🙂 It was also great to see that even the last remnants of a loaf could be put to good use in a Panzanella. Waste not, want not!

I do hope you’ll enjoy looking through the entries as much as I did, and scroll to the bottom to find out the lucky (and talented) winners!


The Results!

It was a tough choice as there were loads of worthy winners amongst a really diverse set of entries. There were a few which very narrowly missed out and on a different day with different hunger pangs they may have just made it. However, the three that tickled me most were as follows:

Third Place

I loved Silke’s take on this classic bacon & eggs combo – beautiful presentation of all the components and I am a sucker for avocado! Make sure to click on the photo to see the full sized image in all its glory!

Silke – Bacon & fried egg with paprika and provencale herbs. Side serving of avocado with balsamic glaze and cherry vine tomatoes

Second Place

There are several elements to Judy’s entry which really tick the boxes for me. Firstly, I love the presentation of the dish on wood against the dark background. The colour combination really works with the bright red tomatoes and green rocket leaves. I’m enjoying seeing the char-grilling on the Riddler plain sourdough which adds a lovely touch!

Judy – Riddler Plain Sourdough chargrilled on iron griddle, spread with horseradish sauce, top with poached salmon, rocket and finished with a twist of black pepper

First Place

Fantastic presentation and a beautiful mix of colours and textures in Rhona’s “taste of the sea”.  Perfect scrambled egg and (as a big lover of dulse here) the seaweed is an ideal garnish for the eggs and smoked salmon, providing bags of flavour and nutrients. Let me know when you’re making this again and I’ll be around within 10minutes! 😉

Rhona – A taste of the sea – Foreign Extra Rye with smoked trout, creamy eggs, homegrown crispy kale and a liberal sprinkle of bladderwrack flakes.

It’s a wrap!

So that’s it for this year – thank you SO much to all of the entrants, it obviously required time and effort on your parts and I do hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

The competition will be back again next year bigger & better so if you missed out this time there will be another chance next year!!

In the meantime I’ll be in touch with the winners in relation to their prizes!