Pre-order details for Sunday 6th October

Hi Folks,

Please see below the pre-order selection for Sunday 6th October: 

** The order book for this week is full and has closed early – sorry! **

1/ Miso & Sesame sourdough*Sold out* A silver award winner at the 2019 Scottish Bread Championships! Inspired by Japanese flavours – the miso and black & white sesame meld beautifully to create a wonderful umami experience, cut with a slight lactic sourness. The smell, taste & texture of this loaf is divine (Medium loaf £4.00) (Vegan, dairy free).

Miso & Sesame sourdough
Miso & Sesame sourdough

2/ Olive & Rosemary sourdough – Classic flavour combination & firm customer favourite. This loaf contains a mixture of juicy green & kalamata olives, pumpkin seeds and rosemary. The olives and pumpkin seeds provide a good source of magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids (Medium loaf £3.50) (Vegan, dairy free)

Olive & Rosemary sourdough
Olive & Rosemary sourdough

3/ French Rye with Roasted Beetroot & Cumin Seeds*Sold out* This is a new loaf designed for the 2019 World Bread Awards and is based on our classic Tourte au Seigle recipe, but enhanced with earthy roasted beetroot and the smoky citric edge of toasted cumin seeds. (Large loaf £4.00) (Vegan, dairy free)

French Rye with Roasted Beetroot and Cumin Seeds
French Rye with Roasted Beetroot and Cumin Seeds

4/ Focaccia – Light bubbly traditional Italian bread made with biga (a portion of pre-fermented flour), focaccia is perfect for tearing, sharing and snacking. This week we will have the following varieties:

  • Cherry tomato, artichoke heart & sweet red pepper (Vegan, dairy-free, £3.00/slice)
  • Rosemary & Garlic  (Vegan, dairy-free (£2.50/slice)
  • Olive & Rosemary (Vegan, dairy-free (£3.00/slice) *Sold out*

Slices are approximately 6inch x 5inch in size. 

Focaccia with Cherry tomato, artichoke heart & sweet red pepper
Focaccia with Cherry tomato, artichoke heart & sweet red pepper
Focaccia with Olive & Rosemary
Focaccia with Olive & Rosemary


Also available are the following stock items:

Aye Pickled – Pickles & Ferments 

Aye Pickled - Pickles, kimchi and hot sauce
Aye Pickled – Pickles, kimchi and hot sauce

Pickles (all in 425g jars and £4 each):

  • Bread & Butter pickles – wee cucumbers cured & pickled in a spice blend
  • Spicy Beets – golden beetroot pickled with peppercorns, ginger and chilli

Rosevear Tea

Rosevear teas
Rosevear teas

Loose leaf tea varieties available:

  • First Flush Darjeeling – first harvest Darjeeling, floral & complex (100g pouch) (£6.50)
  • Evening Chai – Carob & cocoa kernels flavoured with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and vanilla (100g pouch) (£6.00)
  • Orange Pistachio Rooibos – Rooibos flavoured with orange, pistachios and pink pepper (100g pouch) (£5.60)
  • Peppermint – Exceedingly aromatic whole peppermint leaves (40g pouch) (£5.00)
  • Nana Mint – Pure Moroccan spearmint (40g pouch) (£3.50)
  • China Gunpowder (organic)  – Refreshing spicy and slightly smoky green tea (100g pouch) (£6.50) *Reduced to £5*
  • Aracha – whole leaf green tea with a deep green colour and bold taste (50g pouch) (£8.00) *Reduced to £6*

Clearance Section

The following stock items are reduced to clear:

  • Orkney Craft Vinegar – Honey & Meadowsweet (250ml bottle) – £6 (*1 in stock*)
  • Orkney Craft Vinegar – Bere Malt vinegar (250ml bottle) – £6 (*4 in stock*)
  • Love that View – Edinburgh Tea Towel – £5 (*2 left in stock*)
  • Love that View – Edinburgh Tote Bag – £3 (*5+ left in stock*)
LoveThatView - Tea Towels
LoveThatView – Tea Towels

How to order:

Complete the order form below by 7pm Thursday (3rd Oct) for collection on Sunday (6th Oct). Collection from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace, EH8 7EY) will be available between 11am and 12.30pm only.

Products made using the following flours:

    • Mungoswells – Strong bread flour (organic)
    • Mungoswells – Strong brown bread flour (organic)
    • Mungoswells – Strong wholemeal flour (organic)
    • Marriages – Very strong Manitoba bread flour
    • Shipton Mill – Italian Ciabatta flour (organic)
    • Shipton Mill – Dark Rye flour (organic)

Allergen info:

All loaves & focaccia contain cereals (gluten)

Miso & sesame sourdough contains sesame & soya

All products made in an environment where cereals, nutssesame & soya are handled. Products cannot be guaranteed to be free from traces of these ingredients.