Sunday Orders

Riddle-Me-Rye runs a  pre-order service, producing a rotating range of sourdough loaves, focaccia & treats which can be ordered and collected (usually) on Sunday mornings only. Additionally, Riddle-Me-Rye carries a range of produce from other small artisan producers which can also be added to orders.

How does the Sunday pre-order service work?

Ahead of each Sunday pre-order service, a blog post is published on the website on Monday evening which contains details of the selection of bread and other goodies available to pre-order for the following Sunday (it is a rotating selection).

Customers can place an order by completing the order form at the bottom of the blog post.

Orders can be collected from Riddle-Me-Rye HQ (Piershill Terrace, EH8 7EY) between 11am-12.30pm Sunday only . Later collections or collections on different days are not possible. Payment is by cash / card or bank transfer (in advance).

Please note that Riddle-Me-Rye no longer offers a regular delivery service, however, there may be deliveries offered at particular times of the year (e.g. around Christmas).

Please see the events page to find the next pre-order dates.

Current price list:

Item2019 Price
Riddler artisan sourdough (large)£3.50
Pain au Levain (Medium)£3.50
Pain de Campagne (French country sourdough) (large)£3.50
Pain de Campagne au Rouge d'Ecosse (large) **2018 Silver Award Winner**£3.50
Beetroot, black sesame & coconut sourdough (medium) **2018 Silver Award Winner**£4.00
Beetroot, cumin & pumpkin seed sourdough (medium)£4.00
Beetroot & Sauerkraut sourdough (medium)£4.00
Barley grain & ale sourdough (medium)£3.50
Walnut sourdough (medium)£4.00
Olive & rosemary sourdough (medium)£3.50
Muesli sourdough (medium)£4.00
Malted Multigrain sourdough (medium)£3.50
Miso & sesame sourdough (medium)£4.00
Chia & Flaxseed sourdough (medium)£3.50
Golden Drop Heritage Wholemeal (medium)£3.50
Chocolate, cherry, almond & toasted coconut sourdough (small) **2018 World Bread Awards - Fruit Bread category winner**£3.00
Chocolate orange & hazelnut sourdough (small)£3.00
Wheat, spelt & rye sourdough (medium)£3.50
White sourdough (large) £3.50
Tourte au Seigle (French Rye) (large)£4.00
New York Deli Rye (Medium)£3.50
Vollkornbrot (medium)£3.50
Borodinsky Rye (medium)£3.50
Foreign Extra Rye (medium)£3.50
100% dark rye sourdough (medium)£3.50
Rye & Roasted onion sourdough (medium)£3.50
Rye sourdough (medium)£3.50
Five-grain Khorasan sourdough (medium) **2018 Reserve Champion & Gold Award Winner**£3.50
Three-seed Emmer sourdough (medium)£3.50
Spelt sourdough (medium)£3.50
Einkorn sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted wheat sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted khorasan sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted barley sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sprouted spelt sourdough (medium)£3.50
Sourdough Bialys£2.00-£2.50
Focaccia Slices£3.00